10-Second Reviews

The biggest objection customers have about giving reviews is the time it takes. Our reviews take only 10 seconds to make because they include only what is really needed: a standard 1 to 10 scale, what they liked more / less and a button to call the manager. Saying something else is possible but always optional.

Notify The Manager

Customers have the chance to communicate directly with the manager by selecting the option “notify the manager”. You will then receive a notification email with customer contact details along with their review they did. We built this function because we know that giving customers the chance to complain and managers the chance to address them fast, turns unhappy customers into happy ones. These will recommend your excellent customer service to everyone.

TeamOutLoud Integration

In case your business uses the employee engagement tool TeamOutLoud, you can integrate your customer reviews as automatic posts on TeamOutLoud newsfeed. If you are not yet a customer check www.teamoutloud.com.


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